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Perfection Concrete & Roof Tiling has a great reputation for re-roofing and roof repairs in the Midwest. A storm damaged and leaking roof can create a lot of havoc very fast. We are here to provide you with professional work, expert advice and the best value for your money. CONCRETE PERFECTION Roofing has helped hundreds of homeowners in Midwest region replace, repair and maintain their roofs.

We also specialize in tile roof repairs, clay or concrete. If you have broken, cracked or loose tiles, ridge capping, pointing or hip capping (external corner of your tile roof), and a leaking roof as a result,  Contact Us.

During heavy rain it is common for tiled roofs to leak especially when there is strong wind, especially the Geraldton southerly, which blows the rain under the tiles into the cavity between the roof sarking (foil faced vapour barrier under roof tiles). If the sarking is old and torn, your roof is likely to leak badly and cause internal damage. In this case a replacement is recommended. If sarking is OK, the problem can be repaired.

CONCRETE PERFECTION Re- Roofing can remove old tiles from your roof and replace with new. We will cart away all old tiles from your premises and leave you with a brand new quality roof being the only sign that we have been there.



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We have a large range of left over tiles that are in good condition and perfect to replace those cracked tiles. If we dont have the color to match your existing roof, we can get it up from Perth for you.